Saturday, 27 September 2008

Ruminations on living a freer life

About a year ago I read How to be Free by Tom Hodgkinson. A "joyful blueprint for a simpler and freer way of life", How to be Free offers sage advice, in an often irreverent way, on how to throw off the shackles of modern life and enjoy a simpler, happier existence. I had my head stuck in it every free moment and raved about it to anyone who'd listen (and some who would not). My raving was so passionate that my boyfriend (who's now my husband) and friends dubbed it "The Good Book".

But as time passed, my fervour lessened as fervour is want to do. I started thinking that what we needed was a house to call our own (flying in the face of chapter 19: Live Mortgage-Free). But today on our Saturday walk into town I finally was persuaded that buying a house is really not the be-all and end-all I thought it was. We're going to rent and that's that. We'll save up the difference between renting and what the mortgage payment on the same sized house would cost.

Having used a mortgage calculator last night, I was reminded that a 150k loan ends up costing 300k. Of course I knew that and still thought home ownership was the way to go.


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