Tuesday, 6 March 2012

SEO next steps: time to build some links

I've been merrily working at my SEO over the last few weeks, ever since I wrote my first post on the subject. When I say merrily, I of course mean doggedly typing and clicking to amend my page titles, meta descriptions and add keywords (not too many, mind you).

And the result? www.scarfenvy.com now ranks #1 for... "scarf envy". Whoop-de-doo. I rank somewhere in the depths of Hell itself for anything useful like "scarves" and "scarf". Here's the whole sad shebang in a nice little table:

The pink and green denote worsening or improving ratings compared to the last time I checked. And for "scarf envy uk" it's my Freeindex entry that's rating #1, so that's OK. Not doing bad on "statement scarves" now and that is totally down to the SEO work I have done - I ranked nowhere on that before I started. But honestly, how many people search for "statement scarves"?

So, how can I improve my rankings for "scarves" or "scarf"? I think getting some links back to the site is the answer, so I have been trying to work on that. I've set up a Scarf Envy blog on Tumblr and I've been posting photos of celebrities wearing scarves and street-style shots that feature scarves. I'm getting a fair few reblogs, but I have no idea if this helps at all in the grand scheme of things.

The blog is at blog.scarfenvy.com. Is this is a mistake in itself? Am I merely creating link juice for the wrong URL entirely? I do have a prominent link to the shop on the blog and vice versa.

I'm also commenting on various fashion blogs as myself, giving blog.scarfenvy.com as my URL. I ummed and ahhed about using the main domain, but decided against that because it looks too spammy to me.

Right now I'm wondering whether I should create a "normal" blog and just have links to Scarf Envy on Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. I just don't know. Any ideas? Forget the whole thing and flog the scarves on a market stall? (Joke. Kind of.)


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