Sunday, 25 May 2008

New project: mohair shawl

Otherwise known as The Tapeworm - check out the photo to see why (loose base chain has made it a bit curly, but I'll block it when I'm done). I'm making it from the Easiest Shawl Ever pattern from Crochet Me. However, I'm using a 6mm hook, so it's taking way, way longer than a day to make and using a hell of a lot more yarn. But neither matters, since I wanted a project to do while breastfeeding (which is pretty much all the time at the moment) and I have 8 balls of Schachenmayr nomotta idena Mohair Lux to play with.

I bought the mohair for another shawl pattern in the Spring issue of Interweave Crochet, but somehow my friend and I managed to totally lose our heads in the shop, ending up with fingerweight mohair when the pattern calls for a pretty heavyweight yarn. But hey, this is only my third crochet project. I'm still hoping to make the original shawl, but that'll have to wait until this one is done and I've found suitable yarn. I won't post a picture of that pattern yet - who knows how long it will be before I finish The Tapeworm...


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