Thursday, 22 May 2008

Now we are two...

Apologies for the long absence, but I've been busy having a baby and recovering from the trauma. And boy was it traumatic (two transfusions, two post-birth operations, enough said...). But now I'm on the mend and the latest addition to our family - VV - is coming along nicely. He's already 5.525kg at 5 weeks!

My addiction to Google Reader and the ever-growing number of blogs I subscribe to has prompted me to make a decision about this blog. Originally I planned just to post when I've made something, but that means sporadic posts, especially when I can't be bothered to take photos of my creations (I've got several things to post about, but the camera needs dusting off first).

So, I'm going to post about things I've made and a little something extra about what I get up to. Hopefully of interest to someone...


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