Thursday, 10 July 2008

Neat Little Hand-Sewing Tip

I read somewhere (can't remember where, sorry) that when sewing with a double thread you should cut two threads and then tie the end together, rather than use one long one and fold in half. I thought this sounded like a bit too much effort, but decided to try it when doing a quick repair job on VV's bouncer seatbelt just now. Works a treat! My thread always got tangled when using a doubled-over thread, but I put that down to my skinflint thread buying habits. Seems that is not the case, and it's actually due to the threads catching each other. When you use two threads aligned in the same direction, they glide past each other instead.

While I'm on the handy tips front, I put another one into action the other day. Well Mr Crafty Cactus Lover did. He was talking to me on the phone from work and wrote down some numbers on a nearby whiteboard. These included VV's social security number. But - eek! - he wrote them in permanent marker, and this was a board in a conference room. No fear, Ribs to the rescue. I read the other day (again, I forget where) that if you scribble over permanent marker with a non permanent pen, you can wipe the whole lot off with the board eraser. Also worked a treat. I rule!


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