Wednesday, 9 July 2008

New Fabric, Yay!

Anttila has a sale on, so I popped into their fabric department. Lo and behold, lots of great prints at next to nothing - we're talking 1 and 2 euros a metre here! So, I bought these:

No idea what I am going to do with it all, but I just couldn't resist. Am now re-reading all my craft books and revisiting all my StumbleUpon favourites and Google Reader shared items for inspiration. (Sidenote: I vacillate between sharing and starring GR posts, so there's a lot hidden away in my starred list. I think I'll stick with shared from now on.)

Since I had this new pile of fabric, I decided to find a proper home for it. I cleared a shelf from our walk in cupboard (closet to you Stateside folks) and, voilĂ , a neat fabric stash cum sewing supplies shelf:

Sadly this does not include the enormous bag of cast-off t-shirts and other items that I also refer to as my stash (I'm such a hoarder, which is why I subscribe to Unclutterer). Must sort that out someday...


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