Sunday, 30 December 2007

Christmas Shortbread

Not the best photos in the world, but you can at least make out what they are (I hope). Found a recipe in a magazine and after a lengthy debate over what semolina is in Finnish (mannasuurimoita apparently), we made a batch for ourselves to munch over Christmas. Pretty successful, although H (husband) helped me with those ones (read: he did nearly everything).

Then we remembered that we were going over to H's sister's house for the evening and we had nothing to take with us. So I whipped up another batch and these are the result. Used a bit too much butter this time, but they were still edible. And this time I did most of it, with H doing the rolling out and cutting (we were running out of time at that point).

Tried to make a nice giftbox as well - used a tomato box (knew it would come in handy when I did the pack rat thing) - but not so pleased with the results. Seems I need some guidance on how to make tissue look right.


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