Sunday, 30 December 2007

New Year Tins

Some craft from H this time, but first some background information. Every New Year's Eve in Finland, people melt tin uudenvuoden onnenkenkä (literally 'New Year lucky shoes'). Once they are liquid the melter throws them into a bucket of water while making a wish for the year ahead. Then everyone analyses the shape of the cooled tin. "Ah yes, a boat, that means travel," spake the wise H the first time I took part in the tradition, "Or not...".

This year H decided to melt some of the tin shoes inside a cast iron pancake pan and then used his Dremel (it's first proper use, hoorah) to engrave them. He scored the backs too, so that they can be broken into smaller parts that will fit in the metal spoon they are melted in.

He thinks they are too girly to give out now that he's made some for his friends, but I think they are great. Ours has our names on and a "+1" for our yet-to-be-born baby.


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